Secure payment

Our secure payment with Stripe!

Our e-commerce enjoys the payment service through Stripe, which guarantees a transaction in total safety.

Stripe offers a payment management platform with applications that focus on revenue data for businesses.

Payment platform

At the heart of it all is a powerful payment engine that facilitates money transfers.

From start-ups to the largest multinationals

Millions of companies in over 120 countries use Stripe to start, run and grow their business.

Elimination of financial complexities

Stripe works closely with financial institutions, regulators, payment card schemes, banks and consumer wallets, so our customers don't have to.

The well-known simplicity of payment through Stripe allows us to accept credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards all in a simple click.

Secure payment with PayPal

What does this mean?

Acquired Protection

If you have made an eligible purchase but the item has not arrived or does not match the seller's description, we can refund you.

Fraud protection

Monitor all transactions continuously to prevent fraud, phishing emails and identity theft.

Data encryption

All transactions are encrypted using advanced encryption technology.


Pay on delivery!

We have enabled the possibility to order your product without any advance payment and pay it on delivery in cash directly to the courier. There are no additional costs to the total price of the order and there are no differences in shipping times compared to other payment methods.

Bank transfer

If you do not have the possibility or availability on your credit or prepaid card, or if you are a company, you can pay directly from your bank account through a bank transfer to our Iban . You can select among the payment methods the "bank transfer" option and you will have the payment details visible in the order confirmation.

In this case, we always ask you to kindly send us copy of the payment account via email or whatsapp to facilitate the identification of the collection on the account. We also ask you to include the order reference in the reason for payment.

As a rule, we have established to ship the ordered goods ONLY after receipt confirmation . However, we can decide to ship the goods even before collection , upon receipt of the payment accountant via email or whatsapp.