Reber TA20 professional steel and aluminum slicer

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Reber Slicer


Efficient and Versatile

The Reber TA20 electric slicer combines the performance of a powerful slicer with a modern design. It can be used for slicing various foods such as meat, bread, cheese, hams and sausages. You can also customize the different thicknesses. This slicer can help you do most of the slicing jobs in your kitchen and save you time and effort. It is also modern and elegant. It will adapt perfectly to your kitchen.

Product features:

  • Die-cast aluminum base painted with steel effect
  • Professional blade in tempered and ground steel diameter 20 cm
  • With fixed protection ring
  • Salami press in cast aluminum with steel tips
  • Blade guard, charcuterie plate and sail in cast aluminum with easy cleaning system
  • Blade shaft with double ball bearing
  • Professional ventilated motor 140W power
  • Safety switch
  • Thickness adjustment from 0 to 16 mm
  • Removable sharpener available on request
  • Overall dimensions: cm. 47x35 h.30

Technical Data Sheet

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