Karcher WD 5 P PREMIUM solid-liquid aspirator

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Comes with a 25 liter corrosion resistant stainless steel tank and socket with automatic on / off switch

It is also equipped with a new patented technology, which allows the removal of the filter without coming into contact with dirt

Dry and liquid dirt can be vacuumed without having to change the filter

Another unique feature is the cleanliness of the filter: strong pulses of air release the filter, ensuring that suction performance is quickly restored

The WD 5 P Premium comes with other useful tools, such as the removable handle, parking position for the suction hose and the floor nozzle.

Patented filter replacement technology Very practical filter extraction system that allows you to replace it in no time at all: just press a button, remove the drawer, remove the filter and replace it with a new one

Suction of liquids and solids without having to replace the filter

Innovative suction accessories Perfect results with both solid, coarse or liquid dirt.

Maximum comfort and flexibility in vacuuming dirt.

Removable handle Possibility to connect various accessories to the suction hose, It also reaches tight spaces by cleaning them thoroughly.

Just press the appropriate button for a jet of compressed air to hit the filter and clean it of all the dirt accumulated on it

Always constant suction power. The vacuum cleaner with the power tool socket turns on when the power tool starts, sucking up the dirt it creates. Power tool socket with automatic on / off. The blower function helps when it is not possible to vacuum. Simplified suction even on gravel. Accessories tidy and ready to use during work intervals, thanks to the parking position.

Accessory compartment and cable holder, practical and comfortable. Convenient to carry

Easy opening, closing and emptying of the collection compartment.

Technical data

Real suction power * (Air Watt) 240

Connected power (W) 1100

Collection compartment capacity (l) 25

Collection compartment material Stainless steel

Electric cable (m) 5

Weight without accessories (kg) 8.9

Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 418 x 382 x 652


Suction hose 2.2 m 35 mm

Removable handle

Rigid suction hose 2 Pieces 0.5 m 35 mm

Flat pleated filter

Removable cartridge filter

Slit nozzle Fleece filter bag

Blower function

Accessories compartment on the machine

Adapter to connect the automatic ON / OFF power tool

Comfortable 3in1 handle

ON / OFF switch.

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