Karcher SP3 DIRT Dark Water Immersion Pump

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Kärcher electric submersible pumps for dark water are practical and technological. The adjustable level sensor reacts immediately to contact with water and starts the pump. The range provides a flow rate of up to 15,500 l / h and is capable of draining very dirty water with particles up to 30mm. Features: - Ceramic sealing ring for greater reliability and durability - 5 year warranty - Float level sensor - Quick Connect : quick connection of the fittings and the water pipe - Practical carrying handle.

Float switch
The electric pump switches on and off according to the water level. That way it doesn't run dry.

Quick Connect: quick connection
Screw connection to easily screw the 1 1/4 "hose to the electric pump.

For dark water
To safely empty wells and cisterns where the water contains particles of dirt of 20mm in size

The float switch can be fixed at a certain height

Also works continuously

Comfortable carrying handle

Convenient and can also be used as a support rto to roll up the tube.

Reinforcement prefilter

Protects the electric pump from dirt and residues that can block the fan and prevent the electric pump from working properly.

Technical data
Power consumption, max. (W) 350
Range, max. (l / h) 7000
Delivery height (m) 6
Max. pressure (bar) 0.6
Maximum immersion depth (m) 7
Dirt size that can be sucked up, max. (mm) 20
residual water (mm) 25
Supply temperature, max. (° C) 35
Threaded connection G1
Electric cable (/ m) H05RN-F / 10
Weight without accessories (kg) 4.2
Weight with packaging (kg) 5.2 < br> Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 229 x 238 x 303

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